"If you can't get rid of the skeleton in your closet, you'd best teach it to dance." - George Bernard Shaw

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"If you can't get rid of the skeleton in your closet, you'd best teach it to dance." - George Bernard Shaw
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  • Rover Coder
    Drive a Mars rover
  • Sizemology
    Resize objects until they're the correct relative size.
  • Planet Families 2
    Build a solar system in 3d.
  • Matter Sorter
    Is it a solid, liquid, gas, or plasma?
  • Fly to Mars
    Launch a spacecraft from Earth to Mars and back again.
  • Silly Scripts
    Write a silly story

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  • Starchitect
    Build planetary systems at 1 million years per minute
  • Risky Business
    Arrange dangers from lowest to highest
  • Can You Find...
    Search for features on the surface of Mars.
  • Magneto Bowling
    Knock down pins with a proton ball.
  • Planet Families
    Build a solar system.
  • Wrath of Ra
    Smack Earth with solar events.
  • Our Place in Space
    You are out there.
  • Drive a Rover
    Drive a rover on Mars.
  • Fly to Mars
    Launch a spacecraft to Mars.
  • Friend or Foe
    Are giant planets friends or foes?
  • Planetary Pinball
    Send balls along magnetic field lines
  • Solar Vision
    Look at the Sun in different ways.
  • Magneto Mini Golf
    Play golf with charged particles.
  • Small and Large
    Arrange objects from closest to farthest.
  • Looking for Life
    See if you can recognize life.
  • Light Curves
    Guess which asteroid by its light curve
  • Planet Plunge
    Send a probe into Jupiter's core
  • How Big?
    Drop objects onto the surface of Mars.
  • The Great Escape
    Escape from cores of stars.
  • Listening for Life
    Are these sounds natural or intelligent?
  • Winogradsky Column
    Create a bacterial community.
  • Earth or Mars?
    Identify images by the planet they were taken on.
  • Drake Equation
    What are the chances that we're not alone?
  • Extreme Seasons
    3D game showing how seasons change
  • Matter Sorter
    What is a plasma?
  • Rubble!
    Use your ship to push asteroids to safe trajectories
  • Deflect an Asteroid
    Keep asteroids from destroying Earth
  • Space Challenge
    Play some trivia
  • What if it hit my town?
    Drop a rock on someone
  • Near and Far
    Arrange objects from smallest to largest.